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Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer vs. a Professional Home Buyer

While all professional home buyers are cash buyers not all cash buyers are professional home buyers. Cash buyers can include the one-off investors who went to a weekend seminar on house flipping but have little to no experience. Then there’s the scenario where the home is listed on the MLS and someone who intends to […]

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Moving Out Of State: How Co-Ordinate The Sale of Your House

Moving Out Of State? Here’s A Problem Most People Don’t Consider… Mary owned a house in California and was enjoying life here. But then she got an amazing job in Florida (closer to family, too!) so she decided to move. Her job started right away, and she already had a place to live in Florida, […]

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What To Do After You Inherit Property – How To Guide

What To Do After You Inherit Property – How To Guide Here’s a practical guide on exactly what to do after you inherit property. Inheriting property often causes people at least some amount of stress, whether it’s because they don’t know what to do, or because there is a lot of emotion attached to the […]

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