Selling A House With Code Violations In California

Selling A House With Code Violations In California Selling a house with code violations in California can create a number of issues. A few of these issues for the seller: Limited buyers – not many buyers are willing to deal with code violations Complications with financing Potential significant costs to seller in correcting these issues Long escrow … Continued

The Truth About We Buy Houses

The Truth About We Buy Houses And 7 Important Questions To Ask Them So, maybe you inherited some real estate, or your tenant is give you trouble, or your property is in bad condition, or maybe you just want to get rid of a headache property. You may decided to call one of these “We Buy … Continued

Selling Without An Agent

Selling Without An Agent Why selling without an agent can actually be advantageous if you know what you’re doing… Many property owners, against conventional wisdom, decide selling without an agent is the best route to take.  Setting aside the issue of commissions you must pay, many owners are wary that real estate brokers — for … Continued

Pros and Cons of Seller Financing

Pros And Cons Of Seller Financing Why using Seller Financing can be extremely profitable… The pros and cons of seller financing are often overlooked by many sellers. The seller financing approach to real estate is often profitable and a win-win situation for both parties, thus increasing the marketability of a property, but only when both parties … Continued