Best Practices for Selling Your Home During COVID-19

With all the fear about COVID-19 going on right now, you may wonder if you should put your plans to sell your home on hold. You probably have a lot of questions. Will anyone be interested in buying right now? Will they pay a fair price? Is it even safe to sell now, allowing strangers … Continued

How Much Will It Cost to Get Your House Ready to Sell?

You’ve inherited your parents’ home or you’re helping your elderly parents move into a senior retirement community by selling their home. Maybe you’ve lived in your home for many years, and you’re ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. Whatever the reason you’ve decided to sell the property, you look around … Continued

Top Renovations to Add Value to a Home

Whether it’s been years since your home has been updated or you’re thinking about making a few changes to get more when you sell, you want to know you’re using your money wisely. Here are a few of the top renovations to add value to your home if you want to sell and get your … Continued

Can a Cash Buyer Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

You’re behind on your mortgage payments, and you don’t have a way to get caught up. Maybe you’ve lost a job or the house is more than you can afford. The lender is threatening foreclosure and you don’t see a way out. If this is the scenario you’re in, don’t give up. A foreclosure will … Continued

5 Reasons Your House Is Still On The Market

You cleaned up your home, put out a sign, and listed it online, but it hasn’t sold.  What’s going on? There are a variety of factors that can keep a well-priced home from selling in today’s market – everything matters when selling a property, from your listing description and photos to the in-person experience the … Continued

4 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling in San Diego

Frustration is inevitable when your home has been on the market for a long time with no results. At the core of your problems could be any of the issues listed below. Make sure to read all the way through to find out the option you still have to sell your home fast. Your Agent … Continued

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Offer

Selling your California home is no easy task. As you begin to receive offers for your home, you may be wondering how to choose the right one. Below, we’ve listed the top 5 factors to take into consideration when reviewing a home offer. Read on to get the best tips! Review Every Term Price isn’t … Continued

What Home Sellers Need To Know About Buyers Remorse

Buyers remorse happens to everyone. You buy something, you go home and the regret sets in. Perhaps it was an impulsive, inexpensive purchase; in which case you decide to forgive yourself and move on. Most people buy things based on emotions. When it comes to bigger ticket items or major investments however, we are more … Continued

How To Sell A Fire Damaged Home in California

It was an unforgiving year for California residents. The massive wildfires of the recent past were among some of the worst in history. Thousands of residents and homeowners, statewide, are left picking up the pieces of their lives, wondering what to do next. Selling a fire damaged house in California can be confusing. Where do … Continued

We Buy Houses Reviews – Are These Companies Legit?

Are We Buy Houses Companies Legit? We Buy Houses Reviews Here’s the good news: There are a few legitimate “We buy houses” companies that provide a needed service for many people. These companies buy houses and other types of property everyday, and are ethical and proficient in what they do. (Make sure to follow the … Continued

How To Sell A Property In Probate In California

How To Sell A Property In Probate How do I sell a property in probate in California? If you are searching for information on “How To Sell A Property In Probate” in CA, or anywhere for that matter quickly, the best approach is getting an IAEA approved sale. (Remember, we’re not giving legal advice. You … Continued