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Should I Sell My House To An Investor?

Should I Sell My House To An Investor? Knowing when you should sell your house to an investor is key to making the best decision. Should I sell my house to an investor? Often we think of individual buyers or families as the typical buyers for houses. This has changed rapidly over the last few years … Continued

Selling A Rental Property In California

Selling A Rental Property In California FAQ’s Here are some answers to a few FAQs for selling a rental property in California. –       Can I sell with a renter in place?         o   Yes! Selling a rental property in California might make it more difficult to sell to a retail buyer though. It … Continued

New Housing Starts Slow

New Housing Starts Slow… New seasonally adjusted housing starts are slow I personally believe that in addition to rising interest rates (although the some of the lowest rates in history) lowering the ability to purchase, slow job growth is a huge factor as well are part of the reason new housing starts are slow. Although … Continued

Pros and Cons of Seller Financing

Pros And Cons Of Seller Financing Why using Seller Financing can be extremely profitable… The pros and cons of seller financing are often overlooked by many sellers. The seller financing approach to real estate is often profitable and a win-win situation for both parties, thus increasing the marketability of a property, but only when both parties … Continued

Lease Options and Why They Are So Profitable

Lease Options and Why They Are So Profitable… Understanding The Logistics to a Win-Win Deals Using Lease Options In this ever-evolving real estate market it is currently hard for many households to obtain credit to buy real estate, and as many know there are many buyers waiting on the sidelines to make a move to purchase.  … Continued