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Challenges of Fixing Up a Property When You Live Out of State

Your parent passed away, and you’ve inherited their home. Or maybe you moved away and rented out the house for a few years and now you want to sell. You know you want to sell the house, but it’s been years since it has been updated. Why, the kitchen still has that 70s vinyl on […]

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Retiring And Downsizing – What To Do About Your California House

Retiring And Downsizing? What To Do About Your California House… Retirement is the new reality here in America and there’s a powerful financial strategy that families are using to help make retirement a reality for their aging parents and grandparents. Learn how your California home can be part of your retirement plan… Across America, thousands […]

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Downsizing A House For Retirement – 5 Ways To Help Your Aging Parents Downsize

5 Ways To Help Your Aging Parents Downsize for Retirement We’re facing an unprecedented time in our country – a situation that has never been addressed on a national scale as widely as it is today: it’s the reality of aging parents who are downsizing a house for retirement. If you are the adult child of […]

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