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Can a Cash Buyer Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

You’re behind on your mortgage payments, and you don’t have a way to get caught up. Maybe you’ve lost a job or the house is more than you can afford. The lender is threatening foreclosure and you don’t see a way out. If this is the scenario you’re in, don’t give up. A foreclosure will […]

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4 Cash Buyer Misconceptions

This month, we’re taking time to bring clarity to some of these misconceptions. Below are the top 4 false impressions we hear about and our answers to each. 1. “I should only go to a cash buyer if I’m in a desperate situation.” If you’re facing foreclosure, choosing a home investor is a really great […]

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5 Things Cash Buyers Can Help With (Besides Cash for Your Home)

Sure, getting cash in your hand after the sale of your home is pretty sweet. But did you know a cash buyer can do even more to make you a satisfied seller? That’s right, they can actually pack on the perks if you know what to ask for. But what can they help with exactly? Here are 5 […]

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Avoid Property Tax Foreclosure In California

How To Avoid Property Tax Foreclosure In California

How To Avoid Property Tax Foreclosure In California  What happens if I’m late on my property taxes in California? If your searching how to avoid property tax foreclosure in California, we’ve provided you with some invaluable information. Property becomes tax delinquent in California. if the tax remains unpaid at 12:01 AM on July 1st. If […]

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