Common Issues When Selling a Ventura County Home

If you plan to sell your Ventura County home, you should be prepared for the process. While there are the most common issues, such as passing a standard home inspection, finding a qualified buyer and setting a closing date, you’ll also discover some unique issues you may not be aware of. Learn about these issues ahead of time to help complete your transaction in a timely manner.

What To Do When You Inherit A House In California

I Just Inherited A House In California – Now What? If you’ve recently inherited a California house and aren’t sure what to do with it, keep reading this blog post to discover what your options are and how to make the best choice for your family. Inheriting a house comes with a lot of mixed … Continued

We Buy Houses Reviews – Are These Companies Legit?

Are We Buy Houses Companies Legit? We Buy Houses Reviews Here’s the good news: There are a few legitimate “We buy houses” companies that provide a needed service for many people. These companies buy houses and other types of property everyday, and are ethical and proficient in what they do. (Make sure to follow the … Continued

Selling A House As Is In California – A How To Guide

Selling A House “As Is” In California A common question many property sellers thinking about selling a house as is in California ask themselves is “Should I fix or update my house before I sell?”. This question may be different for different sellers. It all depends on a seller’s situation and how much headache they’re willing … Continued

Lease Options and Why They Are So Profitable

Lease Options and Why They Are So Profitable… Understanding The Logistics to a Win-Win Deals Using Lease Options In this ever-evolving real estate market it is currently hard for many households to obtain credit to buy real estate, and as many know there are many buyers waiting on the sidelines to make a move to purchase.  … Continued