Selling Inherited Property In California – The “How-To” Guide

Selling Inherited Property In California The “How-To” Guide Selling inherited property in California may not be easy. Firstly, there’s an emotional aspect of selling an inherited property. Then, there’s the cost and time of making the property ready for potential buyers. On top of all of this, there could be liens, other hidden problems, and … Continued

Preventing Squatters and Removing Squatters

Removing Squatters and Preventing Squatters!   Removing and preventing squatters are critical points to consider for property owners. Squatters are one of the most frustrating situations a property owner can experience. Squatters can cost THOUSANDS!!  Preventing squatters is always easier than removing squatters. There are a few things property owners can do in order to … Continued

Evicting Squatters In California

Evicting Squatters California – How To Get Rid Of Squatters In California What Is The Difference Between Squatting and Trespassing? If someone is living in a property without permission, there are two important distinctions to make. Did the person use force to gain entry? Such as breaking down a door or window? Did the squatter … Continued

Sell A House With Tenants In California

Sell A House With Tenants In California Selling a house with tenants in California. can be tough. The number one thing you don’t want is an angry tenant. Before you show your property make sure you give the tenants at least 24 hour notice if you need to show the place. You may have to … Continued

Real Estate Market Report

Real Estate Market Report Are we at a peak?! In many areas of California, residential SFR’s sure feel like they are hitting a peak.  This doesn’t necessarily mean price will drop though.  More than likely, we will probably see price increases stop, and a plateau of pricing hit soon, if not, already in some areas. … Continued

Why Isn’t My House Selling?

Why Isn’t My House Selling? Why isn’t my house selling can be an irritating question to ask. Maybe you’ve had your property listed for a few months. Maybe potential buyers have even come through the door, but you have not gotten an offer. Why? (Believe me, it gets frustrating!) Is your agent not doing their … Continued

Mini-Guide To Selling

Your Mini-Guide To Selling With Quick Home Offers Congrats! If you’re reading this you’ve probably chosen to sell your house or small apartment building to Quick Home Offers. You’re on your way to receiving your check! We’ve created a mini-guide to selling so that you know what to expect. First, we need to get a … Continued

The Truth About We Buy Houses

The Truth About We Buy Houses And 7 Important Questions To Ask Them So, maybe you inherited some real estate, or your tenant is give you trouble, or your property is in bad condition, or maybe you just want to get rid of a headache property. You may decided to call one of these “We Buy … Continued

New Housing Starts Slow

New Housing Starts Slow… New seasonally adjusted housing starts are slow I personally believe that in addition to rising interest rates (although the some of the lowest rates in history) lowering the ability to purchase, slow job growth is a huge factor as well are part of the reason new housing starts are slow. Although … Continued

Gains Slowing on Housing Prices

If you’re someone who likes to keep abreast with economics you’ve probably heard that pricing increases are starting to slow down. Good thing, too.   What would happen if we had consistent price gains like we have seen the past year? Well, if we factor in that interest rates only have one place to go, … Continued

Is The Housing Market Stalling?

Here is some very interesting news for property owners! I found it so intriguing I had to post! It has to do with the stock market being a leading indicator for housing prices, as well as possible evidence for another bubble, or price decreases. Have a look and enjoy! Source: Accessed: 2-4-14 While the stock … Continued

Selling Without An Agent

Selling Without An Agent Why selling without an agent can actually be advantageous if you know what you’re doing… Many property owners, against conventional wisdom, decide selling without an agent is the best route to take.  Setting aside the issue of commissions you must pay, many owners are wary that real estate brokers — for … Continued