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How To Sell A Fire Damaged Home in California

It was an unforgiving year for California residents. The massive wildfires of the recent past were among some of the worst in history. Thousands of residents and homeowners, statewide, are left picking up the pieces of their lives, wondering what to do next. Selling a fire damaged house in California can be confusing. Where do […]

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Property Condition Requirements For Lenders – What Sellers Need To Know

If you’re selling a home, you need to be aware of FHA’s (Federal Housing Administration) minimum property standards (which reflects most mortgage requirements) because someone purchasing your home using conventional means will need to apply for a loan, and the condition of your house will be a factor that will determine whether or not they’re […]

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How to Sell a House That Needs Repairs in California

Wondering how to sell a house that needs repairs in California? Good, you’ve come to the right place. Worried the repairs may repel buyers? Well, that’s a valid concern. Repairs do tend to be a turn-off. But don’t fret. Selling your repair-ridden home is entirely possible. Here’s what you can do to get it sold. […]

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5 Things Cash Buyers Can Help With (Besides Cash for Your Home)

Sure, getting cash in your hand after the sale of your home is pretty sweet. But did you know a cash buyer can do even more to make you a satisfied seller? That’s right, they can actually pack on the perks if you know what to ask for. But what can they help with exactly? Here are 5 […]

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Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer vs. a Professional Home Buyer

While all professional home buyers are cash buyers not all cash buyers are professional home buyers. Cash buyers can include the one-off investors who went to a weekend seminar on house flipping but have little to no experience. Then there’s the scenario where the home is listed on the MLS and someone who intends to […]

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5 Clear Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Rental Property

If you have a rental property, you’re probably certain why you purchased it: you knew it would make you money. And we’re guessing it probably has, which makes deciding whether or not it might be time to let it go a little hazy. Selling a rental property is a major decision. Nagging feelings often don’t […]

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Selling Your Home for Cash: How to Know If You’re Getting a Good Deal

If you’re selling your home for cash, you may be wondering how to know if you’re getting a fair deal or not. A lot of people that sell their homes for cash are. And it’s understandable. Like you, they want to be completely certain they’re getting the best offer for their situation. But how do […]

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5 Ways to Get Top Dollar Selling to a Professional Home Buyer

5 Ways to Get Top Dollar Selling to a Professional Home Buyer   Planning on selling your home to a professional home buyer? Want to get top dollar? We’re guessing the answer is a BIG yes. While a lot of people assume that professional home buyers give lowball offers, most of them are able to […]

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Top Risks of Owning Vacant Property & How to Reduce Them

3 Risks of Having a Vacant Property & How to Reduce Them We probably don’t have to tell you that it can take a while for a home to be sold. And if you move to another home and leave your property vacant, there are a lot of risks that can come with that. Especially […]

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5 Ways of Dealing with Difficult Tenants In California

5 Ways of Dealing with Difficult Tenants In California Tenants driving you crazy? Unfortunately, if you’re a landlord, having a difficult tenant at some point is inevitable. But don’t fret. If your tenants have damaged your property, often scream profanities in the wee hours of the night, leave their dirty shoes in front of their […]

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4 Big Benefits of Selling Your House to a Cash House Buyer

4 Big Benefits of Selling Your House to a Cash House Buyer Selling real estate with an agent could make sense in most scenarios. If you’re selling a property that needs repairs, are going through probate or foreclosure, inherited a property, or just need to sell fast, selling your home for cash to a real […]

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Retiring And Downsizing – What To Do About Your California House

Retiring And Downsizing? What To Do About Your California House… Retirement is the new reality here in America and there’s a powerful financial strategy that families are using to help make retirement a reality for their aging parents and grandparents. Learn how your California home can be part of your retirement plan… Across America, thousands […]

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