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We provide our customers with the easiest, most stress-free solution for selling a house or property in California. We strive to make it easy for you to sell your California house while still receiving a fair cash price. Let us take on the stress of selling your home, while you move on to more important tasks. We’re here to provide peace of mind of knowing that your house will be sold in a timely manner.

We’re also dedicated to making communities better, cleaner, and safer by providing quality housing at affordable prices to the community.

Why You Matter To Us…

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We love to hear that a house or property seller just like you is happy with the service, feels like they’ve been treated fairly, and would recommend our services to others. Your well being is our top priority, and if that means going with our cash offer, or using another service, we’ll let you know. Why? Because we understand our service is about helping others first (like any respectable business should be); real estate is always second.

So Who Are We?

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Josh Justiniano – Manager

Quick Home Offers is one of California’s most respected house and real estate buying companies. Our professional, experienced real estate buying team has been built from the ground up with the goal of providing homeowners and real estate owners with liquidity. Quick Home Offers strives to provide house sellers with the easiest, most hassle free way to sell property.

We buy houses, land, and multi family homes with a focus on California. The important thing to remember is we’re not real estate agents. We’re actually house and property buyers! So we’re not listing your property, taking a commission, ordering appraisals and tons of inspections. We’re buying with cash and paying your escrow fees to further simplify the process for you.

Q:  How are real estate agents different from the house buyers at Quick Home Offers?

A:  Real estate agents list a home or property and take a commission as a fee for their services. We’re house and property buyers in California. That’s why there are no commissions or fees. Selling to us is much quicker and easier than all the waiting and hassle compared to selling through an agent.

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Quick Home Offers is dedicated to helping real estate owners sell their property quickly and effectively, with no hassles. We’re here as your easy button! 😉