Selling a Home Fast to Settle an Estate

When a parent or grandparent dies, often you can’t focus solely on grieving. You may have other responsibilities to tend to, such as settling the estate and distributing the assets.

If your family member didn’t have a lot of assets, you may need to sell them to pay off outstanding debts. One of the biggest assets a person can own is their house. Once you sell it, you’re often able to pay all the debts the person owed.

Challenges of Selling a Family Home

Selling a house to settle an estate isn’t always easy. There are a few major reasons:

  1. Limited time to sell
  2. Personal items to sell from the home
  3. Current condition of the house
  4. Limited buyer pool

First, you have a shortened timeline to get it sold to be able to pay off the creditors and close out probate. Second, you have to deal with the emotional side of the process. There may be personal items to disperse in the home. Some you and your family will want to keep while other items will need to be sold, given away or thrown out.

One of the major issues in selling the family home is its current condition. Many times, an elderly parent or grandparent was unable to keep up with all the maintenance. They probably didn’t keep it updated with newer carpet, paint and fixtures. If the estate doesn’t have enough money to make these updates, you would have to come up with the funds or sell it as-is. It can be quite costly to do a remodel as well as time-consuming.

It can be challenging to find a buyer who is willing to put in the work on a house to get it to what they want it to be. Most people want a house that is ready for them. It can take months to find someone willing to take on a project house.

The Solution: Cash Buyer

The fastest way to sell a house to settle an estate is with a cash buyer. They will pay the value of the home in its current condition. Just make sure you get a cash buyer who has the money now. It makes the transaction go faster – you can even close in as little as a week.

If you’re trying to sell your family home, contact Quick Cash Offers. We’ll get you an offer in as little as one day based on the value of the property. We can help you settle your estate and move on with your life with a fast and stress-free transaction.