A Guide to Selling Your California Home Virtually

During the global pandemic, it can be tough to even think about selling your home in California. The thought of opening your home up to strangers who will walk through and touch doors, cabinets and other items can create a feeling of panic.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stand still for a pandemic or anything else, for that matter. You may need to move to be closer to family or for a new job. Not selling your house may not be an option. While you might not be able to avoid the inevitable, you can make it safer by selling virtually.

Get Images and Video of Your Home

To sell your California home online, you need high-quality images and a lot of them. A video tour is even better because you can walk the viewer through your home as if they were seeing it in person. You can include detailed audio to tell information and stories about your home for potential buyers.

Make sure the images show your house in its best light. Focus on unique architectural features, appealing rooms or special benefits to capture the attention of interested home buyers. For instance, spend time showing the view from your patio or deck if it is one of the best features of the home.

Market Your California Home or Property Online

You’ll get more competition for your home if you know how to market it online. You can create a simple website for your home, share videos and images on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, and get friends to share the information on their sites. Zillow and Trulia are two of the most popular sites for homes sold by owners, so make sure your property is listed and the information is correct.

Keep adding new information to help your page or site to rank well. Make everything look professional because you are competing with real estate agents and others who know how to market houses virtually.

Choose Your Buyer Carefully

When your house starts getting attention – and it will, consider the offers carefully. Many times, a buyer will want to see the house in person even if they are interested in the online information and virtual tours. They will probably want an inspection to give them peace of mind.

While there is nothing wrong with any of these ideas, it can make you feel uneasy in the midst of a pandemic. A professional cash home buyer in California offers a distinct advantage. They will have financing in place and can close when it works best for you. They also won’t be afraid of updates or repairs, so many times they don’t have a need for an inspection. Cash buyers are also often happy with a virtual tour and may only need a limited number of in-house visits. 

Feel safe while you sell your home virtually. Skip all the extra work and contact Quick Home Offers® for a fair cash offer on your property.