Best Practices for Selling Your Home During COVID-19

With all the fear about COVID-19 going on right now, you may wonder if you should put your plans to sell your home on hold. You probably have a lot of questions. Will anyone be interested in buying right now? Will they pay a fair price? Is it even safe to sell now, allowing strangers into the house? These are all good questions that need answers.

Now is Still a Good Time to Sell

Yes, the coronavirus has slowed everything down to a crawl. However, most people believe this situation can’t last forever, and many are expecting improvements over the summer. There will be people looking to buy if they have plans to move while school is out. So, even though real estate may slow down, it doesn’t come to a complete stop, and you can sell your home even during this scary time.

Practices to Follow for Selling Your Home During COVID-19

In the current situation, you want to be safe when selling your home. This becomes a major concern when considering holding open houses or even having people tour your home. Here are some suggestions on how to make it safer for people to see your home:

  •         Go virtual – create a website and add multiple photos of your home. Even better, create a video with a virtual tour. This step may eliminate a lot of people asking to see your home in person if they aren’t serious since they are likely to be wary about it as well.
  •         Skip open houses – only offer showing by appointment to keep with social distancing
  •         Pre-screen buyers – only allow showings with those who have a low risk of exposure
  •         Reduce chances of disease spread – keep hand sanitizer around your home for use by others, starting with by the door, also leave inside doors open to prevent people from touching door handles
  •         Clean up afterwards – wipe down surfaces after a showing before you go about your normal routine

Sell Quickly with No Hassle

If you want to sell your home now and avoid the risks that come with COVID-19, contact Quick Home Offers. With just some basic information about the property, we can provide a fair cash offer. This reduces your risk of catching a contagious disease while you sell your home, and you can have cash in hand to get you through this time. Contact us today at 805-870-5749 or online to find out how we can help.