The Best Ways to Deal with a Troublesome Tenant When You’re Selling

You’re planning to sell a property, and you have a tenant that needs to move out. Perhaps the property was your old childhood home you inherited after your parents passed away. Since you live in another state, it was just easier to rent the house rather than deal with selling it. However, you’ve since discovered that being an out-of-state landlord has its own set of problems to deal with.

Now, you’re back to the point of selling the property, but the tenant doesn’t want to leave. You’ve given notice because you need to clean the place up and make some repairs. How do you deal with a tenant who won’t vacate?

Be Upfront

When you decide to sell the property, let the tenant know right away. It’s a conversation you may not want to have, but sooner is better than later. It gives them time to find a different property while you’re in the process of selling.

Keep the conversation simple, but let them know they can’t stay since you’re selling the property. Let them know how long they have before you want the unit to be vacant.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

When you let the tenant know you’re selling the property, you need to tell them exactly what to expect. Don’t assume they will understand you want them to move out unless you say it directly. Tell them when they need to move out with an exact date. Let them know they need to respond so you know they read and understand your terms.

If the tenant comes to you to negotiate staying or even delaying the move out, stick to your original statement. If they think you will change your mind, they won’t take the situation seriously. It may feel mean to tell them you won’t negotiate, but you’ve already given them plenty of time to find a new place.

Offer incentives

If your tenant just won’t leave, you may want to consider offering them an incentive to leave. Give them cash to turn over the keys to you. Offer to pay for a moving truck or to give them half off their last month’s rent. Sometimes tenants don’t have extra money in savings to pay a deposit on a new place while they are paying for their current home. Any deals you make can help them be able to move forward and out of your property.

Quick Home Offers will sometimes offer tenants money to move out for the seller. Money is a big motivator, and you might find a little cash will solve your worries.

If you have a property to sell, contact us to find out how we can make the sale fast and easy for you.