5 Reasons Your House Is Still On The Market

You cleaned up your home, put out a sign, and listed it online, but it hasn’t sold.  What’s going on? There are a variety of factors that can keep a well-priced home from selling in today’s market – everything matters when selling a property, from your listing description and photos to the in-person experience the buyer has when they walk through your home.  Whether you’re selling an investment property that needs work or the perfect move in ready family home, you want to be sure that you’re appealing to your ideal buyer at every touch point. Regardless of the property and ideal sale type, you want to be sure to have quality, professional photos on your listing, and that you’re providing a consistent message throughout the sale process.

Assuming you’ve priced your property fairly for the market and created a fantastic listing, we’ll cover the top five reasons properties don’t sell quickly below.

  1. Lacking Curb Appeal – Much like judging a book by its cover, many judge homes based on their initial impression.  In fact, many people won’t even give your online listing a second look if your exterior photo doesn’t catch their attention.  The same goes for drive by traffic. Updated paint and landscaping are great ways to entice potential buyers.
  2. Too Much Clutter – While you absolutely love your stuff, a potential buyer may not.  Clutter can make rooms appear smaller, and distract your buyer from seeing the potential of your home.  Start by removing personal items, so that buyers can see the house, not your postcard collection. Removing oversized furniture or bulky items can also make rooms appear larger.  Pare down items in closets and cabinets as well.
  3. Your Roof Needs Work – Homeowners and investors alike are aware of the expense associated with replacing a roof.  Many buyers are not in a position to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a roof, especially shortly after taking on the expense of a new property.
  4. Updates Needed – While a time capsule home from the 1960’s is interesting and fun to visit, not many buyers want to take on that kind of project.  Knowing that the expense of updates is looming can cause buyers to search for newer, more updated properties. Flooring, countertops, and appliances are the main things buyers look at when shopping for a new home.  Updated kitchens and bathrooms can go a long way in helping a property sell.
  5. Renter Occupied – While extra income is nice, it may be best to get your renters out before you list your rental property for sale.  As good as intentions may be (in a best case scenario), your renter is not going to put the same care into getting your home show-ready as you will.  Waiting until renters are out to list your home will also give you time to clean up and make any repairs necessary before potential buyers see the property.

All of these are resolvable issues if expectations are set accordingly.  The right agent will make sure that both buyer and seller expectations are not only set accordingly, but that you are set up for success throughout the process.  Knowing how long your listing should sit on the market will help ensure that you’ve set expectations accordingly, and that your agent has realistic expectations for your property.

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