4 Cash Buyer Misconceptions

This month, we’re taking time to bring clarity to some of these misconceptions. Below are the top 4 false impressions we hear about and our answers to each.

1. “I should only go to a cash buyer if I’m in a desperate situation.”

If you’re facing foreclosure, choosing a home investor is a really great option. But it doesn’t mean it’s the only situation where a cash buyer can be helpful. Have you recently relocated for a new job or are you selling a home long distance? Both of these (among many) are reasons people have chosen a home investor. Reasons for selling are unique to the individual. No matter what your situation is, cash buyers are equipped to help you sell quickly.

2. “Cash house buyers give really low offers.”

Because cash buyers factor in the repairs needed on a home, the upfront number may seem lower than expected. You can certainly spend money on needed repairs, outsource the work or complete it yourself, then sell at a higher profit. Or you can skip the repairs and sell your home as-is to a cash buyer right away. You can decide what’s best for you, though it typically comes out to the same ballpark.

3. “Cash buyers are unethical and can’t be trusted.”

Cash buyers are business people. Of course profit is involved, like any good business. But reputation is also incredibly important to us. Maintaining good relationships with our clients is of high value, we want to keep you coming back. It’s not in our best interest to be “out to get you”.

4. “Cash house buyers claim more than they can offer.”

We get that it seems fantastical to think we can “sell your house fast.” But that’s really just how we operate. You give us information on your home, we give you a no-obligation offer and if you like it, we close in as little as 10 days. Ultimately, you get to always choose whether the offer is right for you.

When you’re selling, having buyer options is awesome. Cutting out a cash buyer could mean missing out on a great offer for your home. It doesn’t cost you anything to get an offer from us and at least then you’ll know your options.

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