5 Reasons Selling to a Cash House Buyer May Be Right for You

Cruising down the streets of San Diego or other major cities of California you’ve seen the billboards and heard the radio ads for cash buyers. The promised speed and ease of selling has probably made you ask questions. What makes them different from a traditional buyer? How can they actually make it an easy transaction? What situation would I be in that would make them the right choice? All great and valid questions that we happen to have answers for! The following are the our top 5 reasons that selling to a cash buyer is actually pretty awesome.

  1. Your House Needs Quite a Few Repairs

There’s a difference between a DIY home repair and a full on house flip. There’s a pretty big spectrum in between that as well. Wherever you lie on the scale, you may not have the time or cash to invest into daunting home repairs. Cash buyers will buy as-is and you can forget about your the stress and hassle of repairs. You’ll definitely get cash in your hand much faster than any DIY home repair journey.

  1. You Just Got a New Job and Need to Relocate

Moving to new places is always a big adventure! Though adventures can feel a little daunting and scary, selling your home doesn’t have to be. Working with a cash buyer has many advantages worth contemplating. In the mix of moving and new job challenges, there are already a great deal of details to work through. If you value quick, easy and helpful transactions then you’ll love working with a cash buyer. Some cash buyers will even help you move, just let them know you’d like their help upfront and they’ll adjust the offer accordingly.  Don’t let selling your current home get in the way of your new adventures

  1. Your Tenants are a Living Nightmare

We’ve seen our fair share of frustrated landlords. If there is seemingly no end to the tenant nightmares that you’re dealing with, then selling your property could be a great solution. Many people choose to sell their property and break free from all the trouble and invest the cash in another property or something else altogether! In selling to a cash buyer, you may not even need to evict before you sell. In some cases, for example, you can sell and the cash buyer will evict for you.

  1. You Need to Avoid Foreclosure

When avoiding foreclosure, time is of the essence. We absolutely understand that getting your home sold before it goes to auction is important which is why our process is so quick. As soon as you fill out a form on our site, you’ll get contacted within 24 hours. You’ll receive a no-obligation offer and can close in as little as 10 days. Foreclosure is a highly stressful situation, and while you may not have your home at the end of this process, your credit will be intact.

  1. You Just Inherited a Home

When a loved one passes they not only leave memories but their possessions. Inheriting a home isn’t always under perfect circumstances.You could be happy with your current home, live far away from the inherited property, or just don’t want to deal with repairs on the property. Whatever the reason, you might want to sell the home left to you as quickly and easily as possible. If that is the case, you can eliminate the stressful element of dealing with an inherited home by working with us. Cash buyers like Quick Home Offers can do all the leg work for you, especially if you’re dealing with long-distance.

We think you’ll find that working with us is just as easy and quick as the advertisements suggest. We are here to help you through no matter what situation you’re facing. If you’d like to see what Quick Home Offers can do for you, fill out the form below with any questions you have and we’ll get right back to you.