Common Title Issues and How to Deal with Them

When you are buying or selling a home, issues may pop up that you didn’t foresee. And while you can’t always see them coming, you can be as prepared as possible to handle them. Below you’ll read 3 different types of common title issues and a couple solutions to combat them.

Unknown Liens

When purchasing a foreclosed home, you’re usually getting a great deal! However, if an unknown lien comes into play, you may have severely depleted your savings. For example, a lien can be placed on a property if an owner does not pay their bills. While foreclosures can eliminate some of the resulting liens, others may survive. It’s important to remember that these liens aren’t attached to the owner responsible for the origin of the lien, but to the property itself. Therefore, whoever owns the property is responsible for the lien against it.

Public Records Errors

It’s true that everybody makes mistakes, even public records employees. If an error has been made on a deed it can result in problems for you as a seller or buyer. Incorrect recordings of property square footage can lead to trouble acquiring bank loans or even third-party disputes of the property lines. This is just one of several public record errors that can occur leading to more costs than anticipated.

Missing Heirs

The absence of a will or an incomplete will can create property complications after a person’s death.  If the deceased’s property is made known to an heir, then they may fight for rights to gain ownership. This missing heir (whether they are named in the will or not) can impede the sale or purchase of a property. If the heir is found to be legitimate, they may contest the new owners for partial ownership or fiscal compensation. This title issue can be as looming as it is surprising. It can strike at anytime before, during, or after the sale of the home.


Performing a property title search is the best way to avoid getting surprised by these title issues. A lawyer or title insurance company can search past records to see tax records, debts, etc. Running a comprehensive search can be costly, but also provide peace of mind and can help you avoid an even bigger cost in the future.

Purchasing title insurance can also provide you with security from these and other common title issues. Though it is also a costly option, you will not have to worry about surprise title problems as long as you have the insurance.

Now you’re ready to stand up against title issues that come your way! And if you’re looking to sell your home hassle free, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you sell your home with ease and speed. Click here to begin!