What Landlords Need to Know about Minimum Property Standards

Does your property need lots of repairs? Do the conditions comply with California state laws? If you’re asking these questions, then you’re clearly a responsible landlord. Kudos to you! As a landlord, we know that this is just one of many responsibilities. So to lighten the load, we’ve broken down what implied warranty of habitability means just for you.

What does implied warranty of habitability mean?

In short, a landlord is responsible for keeping their properties habitable or fit to live in for their tenants. If a property is found to be uninhabitable by state regulations, a tenant can hold their landlord responsible. Minimum property standards can also be demanded from a buyer when a property is being sold. To prevent ending up in a lawsuit or to get your property ready for the market, it is important to know and uphold the minimum property standards. So, what are they?

What are California’s minimum property standards?

If a property lacks any of the following, it is in violation.

  •       Effective waterproofing (ex: no broken windows)
  •       Plumbing in working order
  •       Gas and heating in working order
  •       Running water
  •       Electrical lighting (lawfully installed)
  •       Floors, stairways and railing in good repair
  •       Sanitary grounds (free from garbage, vermin, rodents, etc)
  •       Adequate trash receptacles

A full list of the California health code property standards can be found here. Codes specific to the San Diego area can be found here.

If anything on this list applies to your properties, action should be taken to protect yourself. If you are unsure, it would be wise to give your tenants the proper notice in order to make an inspection. It should be noted that landlords are not held personally responsible for damage created by the tenant. Now that you know what repairs need to be made before you rent or sell your property, the real work begins.

Hire Professionals to Make Repairs

Your time is valuable. So when it comes to making necessary repairs, it is important to evaluate whether you have the necessary skills to make code specific repairs. Making repairs yourself may seem tempting based on the cost. However, the DIY method can end up more costly if the repairs are done poorly. Especially when it comes to complex and sometimes dangerous repairs, like electrical wiring, the task can be risky as well as frustrating. Hiring a professional will ensure the work is done properly and in compliance with state codes. Here’s a helpful website for professionals in your area.

Sell to a Professional Home Buyer

If your end goal is selling your property and repairs seem daunting selling to a pro home buyer is a great option. Pro home buyers purchase properties as-is so you can leave the repairs to them. You’ll also receive payment in cash and in general you can close as quickly as seven days. You won’t have to wait on banks and there are zero fees.

Want to learn more about how selling a house that needs repairs to a pro home buyer works? Click here or fill out the form below.