5 Things Cash Buyers Can Help With (Besides Cash for Your Home)

Cash House BuyerSure, getting cash in your hand after the sale of your home is pretty sweet. But did you know a cash buyer can do even more to make you a satisfied seller? That’s right, they can actually pack on the perks if you know what to ask for. But what can they help with exactly?

Here are 5 things cash buyers can help with (besides giving you cash for your home).

1. Moving Assistance

moving-out-of-state-selling-house-californiaCan’t afford the cost of moving?

Some cash buyers will hire movers to help you move your stuff. You just need to tell them upfront so they can adjust their offer accordingly.

2. More Time to Move

If you’re not quite ready to move yet, cash buyers can lease your property back to you, depending on your situation and the property, (for a specified amount of time) while you find your next home.

3. Junk Disposal

Cash buyers buy your house “as-is”, so in addition to handling all repairs on your home, they’ll also take care of all the clean up, which means you can leave a heaping pile of junk, and they’ll haul it off for you.

4. Get Rid of Your Tenants For You

If you have problem tenants, or just don’t want to have to go through the process of trying to remove your tenants before you sell your property, a cash buyer may pay your tenants to leave, alleviating you of a pretty big headache.

5. Avoiding Foreclosure

avoid foreclosure in californiaSpeaking of headaches, if you’re facing foreclosure, a cash buyer may be able to purchase your home before it goes to auction, which means that while you’ll no longer have your home, your credit score will remain intact, making buying another home –  once your financial situation gets better – possible.

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