Selling Rental Property In California – What To Do About Your Annoying Rental Property In California

Selling Rental Property In California – What To Do About Your Annoying Rental Property In California

selling-rental-real-estate-californiaInvesting in rental real estate is a great idea!

… At least, that’s what the theory is! In theory, rental real estate gives you cash flow that “floods” into your bank account each and every month, plus an asset (the house) that grows in value. “It will make you rich” – or at least that’s what people believe.

But ask a landlord what the reality is and they’ll tell you something different: it’s expensive to buy a property (especially in California!), it’s hard to find a good, loyal tenant who will stick around, any tenant you DO put into your property often ends up struggling to pay you rent on time (yet don’t you dare take the same lazy approach when they need a repair to the property!), and many tenants leave the house trashed when they vanish the day before rent is due.

Between bills, taxes, maintenance, repairs, and the time it takes you to hound your tenants every month… there’s not a lot of profit left over to be happy about. If that’s what you’re going through right now as a landlord then maybe you’re wondering what you can do with this annoying rental property in California.

You Could Keep Going…

Selling Rental Property In CaliforniaOf course you could keep going, renting the house out again and again, delaying your vacations and other trips because it’s the end of the month and you want to catch the tenant at home with the rent check in their hand; maybe even hoping that the NEXT tenant (or the one after that) will treat your house better than all the rest.

This is certainly an option, and it’s an option that too many California landlords are taking. (That’s no way to live! It’s a constant source of stress, frustration, and anxiety every time the phone rings – hoping that it’s not the tenant, or worse yet, the police.)

Or, You Could Finally Get Rid Of It…

Many landlords are waking up to the reality that landlording is not all it’s cracked up to be. They’re discovering (the hard way) that owning a rental property is no better than having another job… in fact, it’s like having a job that doesn’t pay you consistently yet demands your constant attention.

That’s why California landlords are doing the opposite of what common wisdom suggests (because they’ve found that the common wisdom is naively wrong)… landlords are selling their properties and finally get out of the landlording game.

  • With house prices at all-time highs and a very hot sellers market in California, now is the perfect time to sell a property
  • What you lose in ongoing rental income (which was probably spotty at best… on the months when the tenants’ checks DIDN’T bounce) you gain in FREEDOM and the ability to finally spend time with your family again – doing what you want to do without having to stick around near the phone or drive past your rental property again.
  • And, you finally put an end to all those surprise bills – the HOA fees, the repair bills, the mold remediation because the tenant doesn’t bother to turn on the bathroom fan during a shower, the property taxes that go up faster than you can raise the rent…

troubled land lordAnd here’s the best part: if you are SICK AND TIRED of dealing with your tenants and just don’t want to deal with them anymore, there are professional house-buying teams out there (like what we do here at Quick Home Offers) who can help – in some cases, we’ll even take care of your tenants for you so you never have to deal with them again. (This is perfect for annoying tenants or even freeloading family members who you just can’t get rid of).

Look, you’ve heard that owning a rental property is a great financial decision but the truth is: that’s not always the case… the wrong combination of property and tenant can actually be a stressful money-loser to a lot of landlords. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re facing (it’s surprisingly common).

So, if you find yourself knocking on your rental door and your deadbeat tenants are conveniently not home to give you the rental check AGAIN, then there is something you can do about it. Put a stop to it and get your life back.

We’re actively buying frustrating rental properties in the California market and we’d like to give you a fair cash offer so you can finally stop giving up your life as a landlord and finally get back to living the life you want to live.

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