What To Do When You Inherit A House In California

I Just Inherited A House In California – Now What?

selling inherited house californiaIf you’ve recently inherited a California house and aren’t sure what to do with it, keep reading this blog post to discover what your options are and how to make the best choice for your family.

Inheriting a house comes with a lot of mixed emotions. You’re saddened by the loss of the family member or friend who left you their house in their estate. And perhaps you’re now overwhelmed by the sudden realization that you have TWO houses to take care of – your own and this one. And perhaps you feel a little stressed as you thinking about the bills and maintenance you’ll have to do on this second house.

… And maybe you even feel a little guilty that you feel so overwhelmed, considering the kind gesture that the deceased made in leaving the house for you.

On the one hand you want to honor the memory of the deceased by caring for the house that they left you; on the other hand you are now burdened with additional bills, fees, and work to be done.

3 Steps To Work Through An Inherited House In California

The first step to dealing with the situation is to acknowledge your feelings and know that these emotions are completely normal to have. At Quick Home Offers, we’ve worked with many folks just like you who have inherited a house in California and are now going through the process of understanding what it means to their life.

The second step is to figure out exactly how you are impacted
. Take a moment and think about exactly what is needed from you to maintain this house. Are there monthly utility bills? Are there taxes and insurance to pay? Are there tenants? Is the house vacant and in constant threat of vandalism? Is there regular maintenance to be done? Does the house need to be cleaned up or even fixed up before it is inhabitable? Take a long, honest look at whether you have the “bandwidth” in your life to deal with this situation. (Many people find that caring for and paying for their primary house is a lot of work… and caring for and paying for a second house is actually too much).

The third step is to think about the wishes of the deceased. There was a reason they left you the house. But no matter what the reason was, it likely wasn’t because they intended for you to feel stressed and overwhelmed with additional bills and maintenance! Even if they left you the house because they wanted you to care for it, they may not have been aware of the cost and effort required to maintain such a house.

The fourth step is to seriously consider selling the house. If the house is too much for you, and if it feels like your life is spinning out of control with how busy it can be taking care of two houses, then you may want to consider selling. This leads to a HUGE question that people ask us…

“What About The Memory Of My Loved One?”

In the years of experience we have working with people with inherited houses in California, one of the biggest concerns we’ve addressed for people is: “am I dishonoring the memory of my loved one by selling their house?

We believe your family member had the best intentions for you when they willed the house to you. They likely didn’t intend for you to feel so overwhelmed and stressed! The good news is: you can still honor their memory when you sell the house – with photographs of the house, by treasuring their keepsakes, by donating some of the sale of the proceeds to their favorite charity, by benefiting from the proceeds of the sale of their house, and by cherishing the memories you have of them.

inherited house in californiaIf you’ve inherited a house in California, and if you are finding the house to be too much for you to handle, then consider giving us a call and talking through your options with us. We have a “no hassle” policy and we’re here to help – so we can walk you through what your options are and even tell you how much we will pay for your house so you can make up your mind for yourself.

The loss of a loved one is tragic. Inheriting their house is a touching gesture but, truthfully, it can be a financial burden. There’s nothing wrong with addressing this burden so that you can move forward in your life and spend more time cherishing the memories you have of your loved one.

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