Selling A House Cash In Fresno CA – A How-To Guide

A How-To Guide To Help You Sell Your House For Cash And Get The Highest Price Possible

If you’re looking to sell your house for cash, make sure you understand the process to get you the highest possible offer with a reputable company who can close the deal on time.

Steps to selling a house cash in Fresno, CA:

Cash House Buyer Fresno1.  Reach out to cash house buyers in Fresno – Try reaching out to a few cash house buyers that specialize in Fresno, CA. It’s easy to find some using a simple internet search, or maybe you’ve received a letter or seen some signs around town saying “Cash House Offers in Fresno” or “Sell Your House Cash”. Make sure you call at least 2 to 3 of these companies to get the best price. Also, make sure when calling a cash house buyer in Fresno make sure they’re able to answer you within 1 business day. If the buyer is serious, they’ll Tip: Sometimes, it’s best to say you’ve only called 1 other cash house buyer in Fresno because this way these companies will think they have a better chance of buying your house, and will put more time and effort into the process.

2. Research potential cash buyers – After you tell the cash buyer about your house, Researching companies who buy houses cash is a must. Ask for testimonials, and look online for reviews. It’s so easy nowadays to do a quick look at sites like Yelp or any other number of sites to find legitimate reviews. If you can’t find any online, ask for references from previous people they worked with. This will help you not get stuck with a cash house buyer in Fresno who is either not reputable or doesn’t have the cash to close the transaction. If only 1 or 2 companies show up as reputable, go back to step 1 until you find at least 2-3 reputable companies.

3. Gather Offers – Once you’ve researched the companies you’ve contacted, it’s time to gather offers. Every company is a little different in this process. Quick Home Offers for example, is to give you a ballpark figure before we view the property. Others might do the same, or view the property first and give you an offer. The important thing is to only accept offers from reputable companies who you’ve researched. DO NOT always just go with the highest offer. First, look at the reputation of the company, then choose the offers from there. Often, “cash house buyers” will give you a high offer and not end up closing on the deal. Make sure you don’t get caught in this process.

4. Choosing The Offer – When choosing the right offer, make sure you check a few things. For one, ask about the title and escrow company. Where do they plan on closing the transaction? Never accept an offer from a cash house buyer in Fresno who doesn’t plan on using an escrow and title company. Although it is not illegal to not use an escrow company, it’s always safer to do so. An escrow company will facilitate the transaction without bias making sure everything is fair. Additionally, as stated in step 3, it’s not always a good idea to go with the highest offer. Make sure the highest offer can actually close the deal. Ask for what’s called a “Proof of Funds”, a simple bank statement showing you the cash house buyer has enough cash to close the deal.

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5. The Closing – So, you’ve picked the right offer for you and your situation from a reputable cash house buyer, and you’ve opened escrow! You’re all done! Well, not so fast. Make sure the buyer doesn’t miss their closing date, and if they do, ask them to put up a large deposit in escrow to show good faith. (i.e. more than 5% of the sales price). This way, you know their serious. If the transaction didn’t close on time because of escrow or title, that’s probably not a big problem. If the buyer missed a close date and refuses to put up any money in a timely manner, time to go with someone else!

All in all, just make sure you’re working with a genuine and trustworthy company. Make sure you feel comfortable with the cash buyer and as long as you follow these 5 steps you should be just fine!

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